Customize Your HR Software as You Scale

Build an HRIS system that supports the ever-changing demands of your business. Adopt an agile HR solution like Crosstalent and effortlessly scale your HR tools based on your people’s needs.

What is Agile HR?

Agile HR refers to HR practices and procedures that can quickly adapt to the needs of an organization. This can be achieved with modular-based HRIS software—a system that allows you to integrate new HR functions (applications) into your existing setup without disrupting it.

As your business grows, your workforce will too. This demands HR optimization and the need to consider a talent management solution with advanced features. For example, time and attendance tracking, learning and development programs, remuneration revision campaigns, and more. On-demand scalability allows your HR approach to evolve without needing a complete system overhaul or investing in HR software with features you don’t need.

Why Leading Companies Use Crosstalent’s HR Software?

Crosstalent is a powerful workforce management solution built with an agile HR approach in mind. This is reflected in the following top features and benefits.

Used by 150,000+ Employees Across the Globe

More than a decade’s worth of experience in transforming HR operations for enterprise clients.

Put People Back at the Heart of Your Business

Adapt to changes swiftly and prioritize your people. Find out how to get started.

Pick and Choose Your Solutions

Replace scattered tools with a single source of truth: Crosstalent. Our enterprise HR solutions support many HR functionalities
that can be scaled up or down to suit your business operations and goals.

Time and Attendance

Proactively manage time and activities on
individual or collective employee schedules.
Set up customizable guardrails to ensure
alignment with budget, timelines, and regulations.

Time & Attendance Crosstalent

Recruitment and Mobility

Manage recruitment requests, job offers, or application admin. Easily search for any data linked to an employee profile or an interview with automated workflows.

Employee File and Administration Management

Access and manage core HR data and
legal information from various sources
in one centralized location.

Employee file Management Crosstalent

Talent Management Tool

Conduct 1:1 performance reviews and career interviews. Use this information to map talent efficiency, skills gaps, and more, when building out talent succession plans.

Learning and Development

Empower employees to submit training requests. Plan sessions according to individual needs, implement programs, follow-up on execution, and analyze the outcome of your initiatives.


Easily revise salaries according to review feedback. Collaborate on numbers and align on salary increases and budget simulations between department managers.

Expense Tracking

Enter expense claims and keep track of them from
a smart mobile interface. These expenses are used to
build real-time reports.

Module note de frais Crosstalent

CSR Dashboards

Organize economic and social information
to share with staff representatives.
Safely store legal, financial, and social news
with user access rights.

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