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We’ve helped enterprise clients improve HR efficiency and workforce management for 150,000+ employees.
As a developing HRIS software and the chosen Salesforce partner in France, we’re committed to transforming the HR industry. Behind our software, we have a decade of experience in the following areas. 

Integration and Project Management

Responsible for implementing Crosstalent’s solutions at the customer’s premises.


Responsible for promoting and selling the company’s services.

Social Relations

Responsible for developing the functionality and interface of our application.


Responsible for ensuring uniformity with consistent code quality in application builds. 

Marketing and Communication

Responsible for the product and communication strategies of the company.

Finance, HR, and Management

Responsible for managing Crosstalent, including recruitment and administration.

Our Leadership Team

We work hard to digitize HR functions and build solutions that make a difference. 

Brice was one of the founders of Crosstalent [2013]. 

He comes from a consulting background—independently and as a consulting firm manager. With 20+ years of HR strategy, talent management, and human resource functions’ experience under his belt, he’s spent the last ten on digitizing HR processes.  

In 2022, Crosstalent was acquired by, and Brice became President. Along with the team, he has big plans for innovating human resources management.

With nearly two decades’ worth of experience in the IT sector, Jean-Yves developed a knack for building customer relationships.

While his key focus is on the success of the project, support, and development, he is committed to helping his clients choose the best HRIS system. He is determined to make Crosstalent a leader in the HRIS market.

Florian’s extensive HR and HRIS expertise has helped our clients get the most out of the tool. At Crosstalent, he manages a team of consultants that cover integration and support activities, as well as optimizes the allocation of resources.

For our clients, he plays a key role in analyzing their HR processes, optimizing tasks, and overseeing implementations. 

Amaury is in the business of customer support. His role is to assist customers, solve issues, and recommend solutions if needed.

Before venturing into a support role, he spent years in communications and marketing, which have made his current role all the more easier. From solving tickets to managing the department, Amaury has grown with our customers. 

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