The Expense application allows you to gain speed, reliability and productivity thanks to the ergonomics of a mobile and collaborative interface.

Why choose our Expenses application?

Consultation of an expense report

Creation of a new expense report and a new expense line

Calcul des frais kilométriques géolocalisés avec Google Maps

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Manage your HR processes in a modular way and connected to all of your other business applications.

Time & attendance

This application is based on two principles, the automation and ergonomics of a mobile and collaborative interface

CSR Dashboards

The CSR Dashboards application organizes the provision of social and economic information. The Premium version calculates more than 50 legal indicators from your HR data.

Compensation & benefits

The Compensation & beneifts application makes it possible to conduct individual increase campaigns, to carry out in this context different simulations under constraints, and to manage changes in the wage bill.