People Management

People management is at the heart of every HR management system. The employee’s profile consolidates key data and information from different sources, particularly the payroll. This can be input automatically via web services or requests, or manually.

The history of the data and files is tracked in the administrative file. Crosstalent effectively manages different types of population (employees, interns, temps, contractors, etc.) according to your needs.

Why choose our People management application ?

360° employee file

Employee request of approval workflow


Import / interfacing

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Manage your HR processes in a modular way and connected to all of your other business applications.

Jobs & organization

The Post & Organization application allows you to manage the channels/ trades/ jobs/ positions in an organization, employee assignments and hierarchical attachments.


The Recruitment application involves an ergonomic and powerful application to facilitate the processing of a large number of applications, the management and measurement of the efficiency of the process.

CSR Dashboards

The CSR Dashboards application organizes the provision of social and economic information. The Premium version calculates more than 50 legal indicators from your HR data.