This app manages the link between employees, job descriptions and jobs in an organization with reporting lines. Reconciling this data strengthens the company’s coordination in terms of allocation of resources, budget monitoring of jobs, organizational efficiency.

The management chart is always available and added to as and when necessary. It can also be updated through successive regular imports.

Why whoose our Recruitment application ?

Dedicated candidate space on websites

Management of a pool of candidates

Semi-automated processing of applications

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Manage your HR processes in a modular way and connected to all of your other business applications.


Digitalizing the onboarding process of new employees facilitates administrative and contractual procedures.


The Skills application allows for dynamic management of individual and collective skills, in conjunction with other key processes of the HR Function.

Jobs & organization

The Post & Organization application allows you to manage the channels/ trades/ jobs/ positions in an organization, employee assignments and hierarchical attachments.