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Digital transformation

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been on the rise in the HR department for several years. Some functions are more concerned than others, notably recruitment via

HRIS stands for Human Resources Information System. It comprises several building blocks that automate all or part of the HR process tasks, depending on the

Managing human resources (HR) requires just as much attention, precision, and technical tools as managing customer databases. Workforce management is the key to growth for

SaaS-based software for human resources (HR) continues to grow within companies. The desire to digitize business management tools, coupled with trends like telecommuting, cloud-based collaboration,

Whether your employees work part-time, full-time, shifts, or a combination of all, time and activity management (TAM) software can help you better manage their scheduling

“Resist! Prove that you exist.” Michel Berger may never have imagined that these words would become a leitmotif for some people, both in their private

In today’s digital age, growth-driven companies should consider digital shifts. The goal is to use digital tools to stay connected with employees and other external

Digitizing the HR function is one of the major challenges faced by many companies nowadays. However, HR digital transformation is the foundation for companies that