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The digitization of HR functions—and any company as a whole—is becoming one of the major challenges to overcome. While companies need to be at the

The annual interview, also known as the appraisal interview, is not just a time for taking stock of the past year while planning future objectives.

Afterwork events are often seen as an excuse to have a beer between colleagues. Or does it have a real purpose in company life? In

Teleworking is now, perhaps even more than before, an aspiration for many employees. It is also, without doubt, a response to regional planning issues in

Although the notion of employee engagement is not new, and there’s no longer any need to demonstrate its importance, it has undergone many significant changes

Companies face an emerging challenge in the modern workplace: managing generational conflict. With an increasingly diverse workforce, generational differences can sometimes lead to tension and

The summer period is a good time to take note of the regulations governing paid leave.  Let’s take a look at the employer’s side of

What are the rights and duties of employees during vacation?  In this article, we look at things from the employee’s perspective in France.  Employee Rights

In 2024, HR professionals must anticipate and adapt to emerging trends in order to remain competitive and meet the needs of employees and the organization.